Corporate-based mindfulness training

You care about your staff. Your goal is to have a team of creative, dedicated and open-minded individuals who know how to manage stress and remain focused when working under pressure. You know that happier employees equal happier customers, leading to the success of your organisation.

We have the right tools to help you achieve your goalsMindWork offers a full range of mindfulness courses, workshops, taster sessions, and individual coaching, all tailored to meet your organisation’s particular needs. Our workplace mindfulness training will not only help your teams and leaders deal better with the inevitable challenges of the working environment, but also assist your organisation boost productivity and counteract employee absence, staff turnover and interpersonal conflicts.

Benefits of Mindfulness for your Organisation


  • decreased levels of absenteeism and presenteeism, reducing costs associated with sickness
  • enhanced ability to think clearly and focus on task
  • improved memory and concentration
  • increased physical and mental wellbeing
  • increased productivity and engagement in task
  • reduced staff turnover
  • less conflict between staff members, improved communication skills and cohesion of the team

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Four Steps to a Mindful Workplace

Scientific research about benefits of mindfulness for organisations

Scientists all over the world have been examining the effectiveness of mindfulness. See what they found out.

Cost effectiveness of mindfulness training in the workplace
There is a powerful economic rationale for using mindfulness in your workplace. Find out why.
Workplace mindfulness programmesWe use a variety of training modules custom-designed to meet your organisation’s requirements. See your options.

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Our Clients

We’ve worked with clients from social care, education, NHS and the private sector. Our approach is versatile and we are able to design a training programme based on your individual requirements.