Mindfulness training for organisations

MindWork mindfulness training programmes offer a transformative and engaging learning approach suitable for today’s fast-paced, dynamic and high-stress working environment.

What is Covered?

At Mindwork, we use a variety of training modules custom-designed to meet your organisation’s requirements. Depending on the length of the training you choose, topics covered can include:

  • descriptions of mindfulness
  • instruction and practice in various forms of practical mindfulness techniques
  • scientific research on mindfulness-based interventions
  • working more skilfully with external and internal stress triggers
  • understanding the effect of thought and emotion on our wellbeing
  • mindful communication
  • the importance of self-care
  • take-home programmes for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life
  • follow up support for your MindWork mindfulness programme

Expected Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for mindfulness in the workplace training

Effective learning is achieved through a combination of theoretical presentations, discussion, guided mindfulness practices, and homework assignments for training modules that include more than one session.

Participants following a MindWork 8-Week Programme (16 hours) should be able to:

  • develop a toolbox of internal skills to respond to situations with more creativity, openness and calm
  • have the ability to intentionally shift attention and focus their minds for prolonged periods of time
  • have a more flexible approach to their own thoughts, resulting in a greater flexibility of mind
  • take a step back from challenging situations in order to see the larger picture
  • be familiar with a range of mindfulness practices for daily use to minimise stress
  • be able to communicate with increased awareness and empathy
  • understand the difference between nurturing and depleting activities and how to balance them
  • increase their self-soothing skills and develop a friendlier attitude towards their personal experience

Your Options

We offer a full range of corporate-based mindfulness training.

We Help You to Choose

Whether you are planning a team building event, want to introduce some simple mindfulness practices to your organisation, or are looking for in-depth mindfulness workplace training, MindWork has the expertise and tools to deliver the results you are looking for.

Based on your requirements, we will work closely with you to find the best training solution for your situation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.