Mindfulnessin the workplace return on investment

Mindfulness training in the workplace creates a much higher financial return on investment (ROI) than a relaxation or wellbeing programme alone. Research shows that when participants work on developing mindfulness and changing their habits, certain parts of the brain associated with improved cognitive skills and emotional intelligence actually develop and grow too! This radically alters the way employees perform under tress and how they deal with complex tasks.

The ROI for Mindfulness Training

Stress Reduction

As a result of reducing employee stress, organisations can expect a reduction in health care costs and absenteeism rates.

Improved Employee Well-being

Teaching staff mindfulness skills leads to increased retention rates, improved employee satisfaction and overall engagement. It is highly probable that as a result of an investment in employee health and wellbeing, an increase in customer satisfaction will follow.

There is a powerful economic rationale for investing in staff wellbeing and performance. Our targeted learning programmes will help you to use your training budget in the best way possible.